Open and Affirming!

Open and Affirming!

All are welcome!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Eve, Monday December 24

Celebrate the joy of Christmas as we welcome the light of Christ into our world!

5pm Family Service of Story and Song (special music begins at 4:45)

10pm Candlelight Service with Holy Communion (special music begins at 9:45)

Sunday, December 23, 2:00pm Christmas Caroling at Broadway House

Make Christmas merrier for the folks at Broadway House, NJ's largest HIV/AIDS nursing home! 
Join us as we sing Christmas carols with the residents and spread some cheer! 
We will carpool from First Cong at 1:30pm, or meet us at Broadway House, 298 Broadway, NewarkNJ.

Sunday, December 23, 10:30am Special Musical Worship with Gramercy Brass!

Welcome the season with a "sermon in song" featuring the magnificent composition "Gloria" by John Rutter. 
Performed by our exceptional choir and the illustrious Gramercy Brass Orchestra we will blend the story of the Magnificat, Mary's Song,
with the power of the "Gloria", one of the most traditional expressions of praise, often heard at Christmastime.
This will be a worship experience not to be missed -- bring a friend!

Friday, December 21, 8pm "The Longest Night"

Set on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, we are offering a contemplative service of prayer and reconciliation
for those for whom the Christmas season is full of difficult emotions. There will be an opportunity for private prayer and anointing with one of our pastors
and the labyrinth will be available for walking following the service.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Music @ Mon Dec 24 4:45pm - 5pm

Special Christmas music before the service, from 4:45 - 5:00 p.m. Take a short break from the hectic pace in a breathtaking and awe inspiring surrounding! All are welcome!

Christmas Music @ Mon Dec 24 9:45pm - 10pm

Come to our beautiful church and enjoy the music of this season! Even though our church is spectacular throughout the year, Christmas time is even more glorious and fabulous!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just started: History of FCC Blog!

The 150th anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Montclair is just a few years away, in 2020 to be exact! As you can imagine, one hundred and fifty years of history can be very complicated to document. The Church maintained an archive for many years. It appears however, the archives have been neglected for perhaps the last two decades.

I connected with our sextant after service this past weekend and he mentioned that there was a "bunch of old stuff" upstairs in the bell tower room. He offered to escort me to the "archives."

I was amazed at the treasure trove that I found! Boxes and file cabinets full of photographs, ledgers, journals,  and much more! There was one small problem: Everything is in a state of disarray!

Well, the amateur historian in me (I have a B.A. in History) looked at this as a tremendous opportunity. I approached Rev. Ann and sort of pitched the idea of digitizing the archives and getting onto the web. As is often the case, she was enthusiastic and receptive. And so, the preparation for our 150th anniversary begins with a small step, but a really important step.

Sharing the history and story of our Church,  with its long commitment to freedom and justice, equality, and progressive Christianity,  is inherently appealing to like-minded folks. As one reads over the past history of our Church, with people's aspirations and hopes of bringing the message of the United Church of Christ to a larger world, one draws inspiration. We share much with the members from the past. We share both the trials and the tribulations. We share the challenges of an old building, heating a large sanctuary, finding committed people to work on committees, attracting and keeping new members. We also share the joys. The archives talk about the smiling faces of our children as they leave the children's sermon on the chancel steps; the time spent at First Montclair House with our seasoned citizens; our Mediation Garden, and so much more.

I invite you to visit the History of FCC blog and get a sense of who we were. The past has always pointed to the future and we are proud of our heritage. We are happy to share our heritage with you, and hope that through this sharing you may want to be a part of who we are.

History of FCC click here!